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  Our Story  
Bintumani Botanicals Organic Moringa Teas
  How it all began  

Bintumani, Inc. was started in September 2019 after the founder, Isha, returned from a trip to her family’s homeland of Sierra Leone. During a trip to the provinces, Isha came across an area of charred earth that was purposely burned down earlier that week. As she sat there staring at the land erosion and dead trees she began to think about how she could tie her passion for the environment with her desire to help bring about increased economic prosperity in Sierra Leone.


Upon her arrival back into the U.S. she decided to start a company with the aim of promoting sustainable climate resilient agriculture through the cultivation of moringa. The planting of moringa tree farms supports sustainable farming, countering erosion and pollution, and supporting biological diversity through reforestation.

Bintumani Botanicals was founded with the goal of harnessing plant-based nutrition in service of a holistic approach to healing and wellness. We are a specialty food purveyor bringing 100% organic, single origin, plant-based products from farmers in Sierra Leone to the U.S. market. Our mission is to spark a renaissance in African herbalism and drive sustainable economic growth within the communities from which our products originate.

Unlike other importers who work through large distributors, our relationship is with small farmers. This enables us to carry premium herbal remedies that cannot be found outside the country and allows us to provide for a means to support small scale agricultural production in Sierra Leone. We respect the knowledge of the farmers in the cultivation of land and provision of health enhancing organic blends; therefore, we never change, process or blend their creations.

While moringa grows in tropical regions around the world, the dry, clean, mineral-rich soils of West Africa, unpolluted by industry, produces trees of superior quality. All our moringa trees are cultivated using traditional agriculture methods that do not use pesticides.

Bintumani Botanicals Organic Moringa Teas
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