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 Freshness and Transparency Matters 

Our moringa leaves are freshly harvested upon purchase order confirmation. The harvested leaves are promptly washed and dried within a single day to prevent quality deterioration. As such our customers can rest assured that they will not only have a superior quality product but that its freshness (from the tree to the cup) is unmatched.


Each batch of dried leaves is protected from the harmful effects of moisture and sunlight and then dated and labeled for absolute traceability. All our Moringa powder is dry milled four times through mesh in Sierra Leone in order to obtain the perfect level of granularity without compromising the integrity of the leaf or losing any of the nutritional properties.


From the facility, our products are placed in weather and light sensitive bags and shipped to the United States, arriving ten days later. Our customers notice the difference in our unparalleled quality and freshness from the initial aroma to the first sip.

Bintumani Botanicals Organic Moringa Teas
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